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Training & Exchange Programs in 2021 FY

Seminars in Japan

AreaName of Training ProgramWhen to start
WorldwideJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program:
Human Resource Development for Creating Tourism Destination for Sustainable Tourism
WorldwideJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program :
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies
WorldwideJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program:
Financial Access for Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) Promotion
WorldwideJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program : Capacity Development for Investment Promotion)October
WorldwideJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program :
Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy/Marketing Strategy(A)
November- December
WorldwideJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program :
Capacity Development for Investment Promotion (C)
WorldwideJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program :
Industrial Development and Promotion Utilizing Local Resources (A)
African countriesJICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program :
Facilitating Trade and Investment for African Countries through Regional Economic Cooperation
VietnamTraining for Vietnamese leaders of Japanese companies(On-line)July-August
GhanaJDS 2nd Mid-Term Training(On-line)August
WorldwideGlobal Human Resource Development ProgramAugust-September
Ghana and NepalJDS 2nd Value-Added Training for JDS Ghanaian and Nepalese students(On-line)September
WorldwideRitsumeikan University Master’s Program in Economic Development SME Promotion SeminarSeptember-November
WorldwideProfessional Training​ Ayabe Field Tour (Ritsumeikan University)November
WorldwideOsaka Institute of Technology: Staff Development workshop on SDGs (Online)December
WorldwideProfessional Training Business Management Program (Ritsumeikan University)January
WorldwideFY2021 Ritsumeikan University, Master's Program in Graduate School of International Relations
Outline of “Kyoto City Government Study” Program(On-line)
VietnamThe Project to Develop Monozukuri Human Resources in Dong Nai Province, VietnamNot decided yet
Kazakhstan“The Seminar Implementation Support Program for PREX Global Network” "Improve with KAIZEN" for KazakhstanFebruary

Seminars overseas

Not held

Training & Exchange Programs