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Outline of the Organization

Date of Establishment:April 26, 1990
Government Agency of Jurisdiction:The Cabinet Office
Basic Assets:Approx. 3.64 billion yen from donations and contributions from 97 private enterprises and the six local authorities of Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City etc.
Activity Objectives:The fostering of human resources that contributes to the economic and social development of developing countries mainly in the Asia-Pacific region; the promotion of economic, cultural and personal exchanges with the countries involved; and the contribution to the promotion of international mutual understanding and to international cooperation.
Types of activities1.Fostering human resources to contribute mainly to the growth of developing countries
2.Economic, cultural and personal exchange activities mainly with developing countries
3.Cultivating human resources tasked with economic, cultural and personal exchange activities mainly with developing countries
4.Gathering information and research/study related to economic cooperation
5.Public awareness and publicity concerning the aforementioned activities
6.Other activities necessary for the achievement of objectives of this corporate body
Number of staff:23