The world is built through the efforts of people

By fostering the development of human resources within the industrial sector and by encouraging interaction,
we strive to nurture the development of corporations in countries and regions throughout the world and in Japan,
as we provide coordination services that will enable us to transcend borders to work together in building a new future.

PREX Island

This is all made possible by the participants from various countries across the world, the corporations in Japan, the individuals involved at public administrative institutions and universities in Japan, as well as the staff members working at PREX. The training courses provided by PREX are made possible through the support of a vast number of individuals that play an active role in leading each of their respective fields.

Professionals that are dedicated to actively promoting global growth

Professional voice gathering at PREX Island

Platforms starting with PREX Island

Professional involved with PREX

Creating a world abundant in peace and happiness through the development of industries across the world
and through mutual enrichment