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Brief History of PREX

Various “encounters” – History of PREX “History of the development of the world and Japan” –


  • The Kansai Association of Corporate Executives dispatched study groups to Pacific nations.
  • Proposal that “development of human resources should be central to future Japanese international cooperation,” and the announcement of the concept of a “Business and Technology Exchange Center.”


  • At the 6th Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (PECC) Osaka meeting, Chairman Uno of the Kansai Economic Federation proposed the establishment in Osaka of an organization that can be are presentative for Kansai’s industry, government, and academia in the development of human resources in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Establishment of a founding committee and of a board of secretaries


  • The Kansai Economic Federation dispatched study groups to various ASEAN countries to study local requirements.
  • Preparatory organization was established with in the Kansai Economic Federation Head Office.


  • Approval obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and PREX officially established. Chairman: Osamu Uno, President: Minoru Yamada, Vice President: Nobusuke Kanda appointed.
  • Support started for the Pacific Economic Outlook (PEO) Japan Committee.
  • PREX magazine “PREX NOW” Japanese edition inaugurated


  • PREX magazine “PREX NOW” English edition inaugurated


  • Establishment of PREX Alumni Associations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia


  • Alumni associations for the Philippines and Thailand established


  • Osamu Uno retires as Chairman and Minoru Yamada as President. Chairman: Nobusuke Kanda, President: Yoshikuni Inoue, Vice President: Minoru Shibata appointed
  • PREX Alumni Association established in Vietnam
  • PREX magazine “PREX NOW” Chinese edition inaugurated


  • PREX 5th Anniversary Celebrations


  • Official website launched


  • PREX Alumni Associations established in China, Chongqing, and Central Asia
  • PREX 10th Anniversary Celebrations


  • Nobusuke Kanda retires as Chairman and takes office as advisor. Chairman: Yoshikuni Inoue, President: Minoru Shibata, Vice President: Yosaku Fuji appointed
  • PREX Alumni Association established in Mongolia


  • Moved from the Nakanoshima Center Building in Kita-ku, Osaka City,to pia NPO in Chikkou, Minato-ku, Osaka City


  • PREX Alumni Association established in Mexico


  • PREX 15th Anniversary Celebrations
  • PREX Alumni Association established in Myanmar


  • PREX Alumni Association established in Laos


  • PREX Vision is formulated
  • Recipient of the Kansai Business Seminar Special Award and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Commendation


  • Changed from a foundation to a public incorporated foundation


  • Moved office from pia NPO in Osaka city Minato-ku to Osaka city Tennoji ward Osaka International Exchange Center


  • PREX alumni association established in Cambodia


  • Chairman Inoue and President Shibata resigned and became adviser. Chairman: Kiyoshi Otsubo、President: Yukiyoshi Okano、Vice-President: Yousaku Fuji was inaugurated.


  • Website Renewal
  • PREX International Alumni Association updated to “PREX Global Network”