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Site Policy

This website is operated with the purpose of offering information on the activities of the Pacific Resource Exchange Center (hereinafter called PREX), a public corporation. When accessing this website, we ask you to understand each of the provisions below.

1. Copyright and trademark

Information posted on this site (text, images, diagrams, video, software, etc) is protected by copyright owned by PREX and third parties. Posted information cannot be reproduced or reprinted without permission, excluding cases established under the Copyright Act or where particular conditions of use are displayed.

2. Disclaimer

Careful attention has been paid concerning the trustworthiness, security and other matters of the posted information. However, we do not guarantee any errors in content, falsifications committed by third parties or other problems. In addition, we take no responsibility for consequences arising from users’ use of this site or from posted information or any type of damages. There is a page containing links to websites other than those operated by PREX (external websites). However, PREX accepts no responsibility for any damages arising from use of these external websites. Also, please obey the website policies of the external websites that the links are directed toward.

3. Protection of personal information

Please see the Personal Information Protection Policy page for policies concerning the protection of personal information on this website.

4. SSL

Encryption communication functions have been introduced on this website by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on pages where users enter personal information, and information protection is conducted.

5. Plug ins

This website uses the following plug ins:

  • Adobe Acrobat (for viewing PDF files)

6. Links

For those wishing to link to this website, please first acknowledge the provisions below and contact us in advance to inform us of the purpose of the link, its originating URL and contact information. 【Contact us at:】

  • n principle, we request that links to this website be directed to the front page(
  • We refuse links that display the content of this webpage in part of the link’s destination webpage, by displaying the content within a frame or other such configurations.
  • We may also refuse websites whose purpose is profit or are in violation of public order and standards of decency or those judged not to be in the interest of PREX.

7. Additional items

PREX may alter the information on this site without prior notice, delete its information or suspend or cancel it. In addition, we ask for users’ understanding when posted information does not always reflect the latest information.

※The policy of this website is that there may be revisions and changes to content without prior notice. (Should changes occur, we display and announce the changes on this website.). Should that occur, we ask that the users consider the situation at the time they use the site after changes are made.