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PREX Global Network

The total number of people who have participated in PREX seminars is in excess of 19,000, and they come from over 150 countries and regions. Through the seminar activities, efforts are made for the promotion of personal exchanges and mutual understanding with the people mainly of Asia, including Central Asia and the Caucasus region, and Central and Southern America, the Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Russia, etc.

The seminars are not transient events. PREX has endeavored to utilize and continue with human networks created through the seminars and to maintain and boost cooperative ties. Currently, about 2,400 seminar participants who have returned home are registered. Another example is the international person-to-person networks, which means the construction of a network of local counterparts who collaborate in overseas seminars implemented locally in developing countries and in surveys on local needs.

Among all the participants who came to Japan for PREX seminars and who have since returned home, the ones who are active in leadership positions throughout the world have grown in number.