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The PREX “Dream”

PREX, inspires innovation through the cultivation of human resources, and contributes to the realization of a society where people support each other, by getting those with different values to mutually accept each other.

Action Plan: An action plan to achieve Vision 2030 (target is by 2025)

1, Cultivate personnel who aim to create a sustainable society through training programs
• Make training a place where people with diverse backgrounds gather together and deepen their mutual understanding
• Incorporate perspectives into training to help achieve the three societies that we are aiming for

2, Realization of diversity that supports the internationalization of Kansai
• Create an environment where overseas students in Japan can flourish, and foreigners working in Japan can work easily
• Become a bridge between SMEs and international personnel, such as overseas students or people with experience of being Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
• Take the lead in promoting interaction through interactivity and symbiosis between Kansai and Asia, from the “Look West” perspective advocated by the Kansai Economic Federation, and by trying to cooperate with projects like the ABC platform

3, Utilize the PREX network to contribute to SDGs
• Utilize the network PREX has to support SDGs businesses that benefit developing countries
• Create partnerships in order to achieve SDGs
(Contribute to the SDGs Goal 17)

4, Use publicity to gather people together
• Share information that attracts people who empathize with and want to cooperate with “PREX Vision 2030”
• Do not stop at one-way information transmission from PREX, but connect it to creating relationships

5, Achieve the Vision from within the organization
• Create an environment that is easy to work in and suits each employee’s situation
• Aim to create a workplace where each employee feels their work is worthwhile
• Aim to achieve the Vision by increasing the diversity and interactivity of each employee, and improving their understanding of SDGs even more
• Strive for CSR procurement