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Our program for FY 2022 has begun.- PREX Island

PREX Members
Our program for FY 2022 has begun.

 Since our establishment, PREX has provided industrial development-focused training to senior executives and government officials from developing countries.
So far, we have trained 19,161 graduates from 156 countries and regions.
This fiscal year, we are working on 24 training and exchange programs.
As part of our action plan to realize PREX Vision 2030, we are working to develop human resources to create a sustainable society, ensure diversity to support the internationalization of Kansai, and utilize the PREX network to contribute to SDGs.
We hope you will continue to assist us with our initiatives in the coming year.

★PREX Vision 2030
PREX, inspires innovation through the cultivation of human resources, and contributes to the realization of a society where people support each other, by getting those with different values to mutually accept each other.

For more information on this vision, please see the link below.

  • Date : July 4, 2022
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