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Not Giving in to COVID-19: Producing Innovation Through Casual Conversations (3)- PREX Island

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【Voice of Professional】 Not Giving in to COVID-19: Producing Innovation Through Casual Conversations (3)

A Place Where People are Challenged

It is natural to talk to people who might support you when you are thinking about doing something new. Like, if you have a friend who loves cameras, you might ask them about photography methods…
But there are fewer people you can talk to about work-related matters. What if there was a community of people you could talk to about this?
For instance, if a company is good at making their own videos, you could ask them about it. Surprisingly, you can do things like this on your own without spending a lot of money.

First, people get to know each other. Their conversations lead to them becoming inspired to try new things at their own company or make something new, creating connections through new challenges. These challenges then go on to be shared even more. That is the kind of place Miserubayao is.

Sometimes casual conversations lead to new knowledge. Problems being faced, rumors, company policies, local news. Miserubayao is the corporate version of that. The casual conversations there create trust between companies and lead to new ideas and products. That is what we are supporting as a local government.

People often ask me, “Why don’t you do something big like launch a rocket?” but I want to create ongoing, community-based initiatives rather than one-time projects. Sustainability involves gathering passionate people together and having them communicate their ideas and passions, then growing this into a community.

The collaborative products and projects produced from the Miserubayao community always excite everyone involved. I do not think it’s about one company being great; I think it’s better to have companies that are all unique and have their own personalities. Ideally, the main actors in this group will continue to change.

I hope that everyone reading this will check Miserubayao out.

Mr. Matsuo Yasuki,

Industrial Policy Division, Economic and Environmental Department,
Yao Municipal Government.
Joined Yao City Hall in 2008. From 2015 to 2016,
he was involved in venture policy at the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
He was awarded the “Amazing Local Official Award” in 2019.
Note: The content of this article is created from excerpts from the PREX NOW website.

  • Date : November 4, 2020
  • Name : Mr. Matsuo
  • job name : the Industrial Policy Division, part of the Economic and Environmental Department at Yao Municipal Government, Osaka.