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Training for Vietnamese leaders of Japanese companies (Sep., 2019)


passion to learn something new!

Participants are really passionate to learn something new

Difficulties to understand Japanese way of Management

This seminar is for Vietnamese employees who work in Japan. They are expected to be leaders or managers in their factories or branches in Vietnam. In this course, they learned base and characteristics of management in Japanese company. For example, the importance of the corporate identity for Japanese company, why Japanese company emphasizes on Kaizen and how Japanese people think about teamwork, which are difficult for foreign workers to understand precisely.

Exchange ideas during discussion time

Goal of the Course

They learned these contents through lectures and visiting companies in the course. At the last day of this seminar, they reflected on what they have learned, and they thought how they can take actions in their company.

Presentation what the new findings

(Kobayashi, International Dept. PREX)

★Date: from Sep 3rd to Sep 27th (10 days)
★Participants: Five(5) Vietnamese employee who work for Japanese companies
★Countries:  Vietnamese
★Course Leader: Mr. Masayoshi Utsumi (Creation Co., LTD. )

1) Corporate identity
Bell Co., LTD.
2) Kaizen
Yamada Manufacturing Co., LTD., HIGUCHIKOUKAN Inc.
3) Management of group (team work, motivation and setting goals)
Nakagawa-sangyo Co., LTD.
4) Human resource development
Mitsumoto Rasenkan Kogyo Co., LTD. 

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