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Seminar participants unlock the future of Malaysia (Jun., 2012)

PREX held the Seminar for Junior Management Level Government Officials, a fiscal 2012 seminar for Malaysia, from June 8-29.

In response to a request from Malaysia, which is aiming to become a developed country throughout all sectors by 2020, PREX is in charge of two related seminars each year. The management to be studied is split into two levels, junior and middle, in accordance with the various needs. This time around, we implemented the one for “Seminar for Junior Management.”

The seminar also differed from the usual ones run by the Japanese government in that it was a “cost sharing-type” of seminar, whereby both the governments of Malaysia and Japan shared its cost. The Malaysian government had high hopes for this seminar.

Mahathir Mohamad, who served as Malaysia’s prime minister for 22 years and left the post to become an influential member of the country’s leadership, visited Japan in May to take part in the “18th International Conference on the Future of Asia.” “We should study Japan’s professional ethics,” he said. The Seminar for Middle Management is planned for October 2012.

Seminar’s Points and Main Content
The participants visit a wide range of companies and administrative organizations in Kansai and elsewhere. Through such activities as opinion exchanges and case studies, they grasp management clues that are key for junior-level managers. This experience leads to improvements in the “administrative quality” in their various organizations after they return home.

  1. Leadership
  2. Team management
  3. Resolving issues
  4. Training of subordinate staff

The most important point that was brushed up this time was the introduction of discussion methods for small groups.

At Cyber Tekijuku, a discussion was held lasting over an hour. Groups were five to six people in size, and they comprised executive candidates at major Kansai companies and manager-class people from Mie Prefecture and the city of Tsu, in addition to six interpreters.

Furthermore, in Tsu we had the privilege of listening to a discourse from the city’s mayor, who has been pushing hard for administrative reform.

Seminar summary

Main locations visited The Federation of Mie Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mie Prefectural Government, Bankyo Pharmaceutical Co., Tsu City Office, Konosuke Matsushita Museum, Daikin Industries, National Personnel Authority, Juno Beauty Salon Service Co., Cyber Tekijuku
Period June 8 (Fri.)-June 29 (Fri.), 2012/ Approx. 3 weeks
Participants 20 junior level managers and administrators belonging to administrative organizations in Malaysia
Commissioned by Kansai International Center of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), an independent administrative corporation