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Ritsumeikan University Master’s Program in Economic Development :September 16th – 20th , 2019

What is this course for?

    This program is implemented for the foreign students (graduate school of economics,  Ritsumeikan University) to deepen their understanding of public and financial support  for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Japan.

 Although they are currently “students” in Japan, still working for the government, financial institutions, NGOs, private enterprises, etc. in their own countries. They are highly interested in the supporting policy and activities for SMEs. They should apply the experience of this program to their research and thesis in Japan and/ or to their own duties.

     In this program, the participants have opportunities to visit banks, governmental organizations, SMEs and large-scale company to learn each activity individually

Course Outline

★Date: September 16th, 2019- September 20th , 2019
★Participants: 7 students of Master Degree and 7 students of undergraduate ★Countries: Albania, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Vietnam, Zambia
★Course Leader: Prof. Kiyoto Kurokawa ,Ritsumeikan University
Course implementation is entrusted by Ritsumeikan University

Places visited to deepen understanding to achive each Expected Module Output

  • Bank of Kyoto
  • Kyoto Branch, Bank of Japan
  • METI-Kansai
  • Shiga Prefectural Government
  • Shiga Prefecture Industrial Support Center
  • Appliances Company, Panasonic Corporation

(Hazama. A, International Department, PREX)
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