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PREX Staff Seminar Reports (3) January 2019 —JICA Industrial Development and Promotion Utilizing Local Resources


What is highly interesting is cooperation and networking among Japanese companies, support organizations and administrative bodies.

Characteristic features in each region in Japan have been utilized to resolve issues such as the decline of the vitality of local industries and traditional industries.
Our aim is that people in developing countries trying to promote their industries will be able to use such approaches as references in this training course.
We introduced various approaches related to industrial development in the training course: the ways to support companies in each municipality; cooperation among industrial, academic and public sectors; networking within a region; and sixth industrialization.
In particular, cooperation among industrial, academic and public sectors, and networking were the most interesting subjects for the participants.
This time, many participants came from the countries where the main industry is agriculture; therefore, cooperation among industrial, academic and public sectors in the agricultural sector seems to be very useful.
The photo shows the participants visiting Fukui Yougasa, the company which produces high quality Western-style umbrellas combining the technologies of Fukui’s traditional industries such as textiles, metal, wood, lacquerware and leather.
(Yokoyama, International Department, PREX)


This training course is entrusted to PREX by JICA Hokuriku Center.
It mainly consists of the visits to administrative organizations, universities and companies in Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui Prefectures. This year, we also introduced support organizations and companies in Sammu City, Chiba Prefecture and Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
Our aim is that the participants from various countries and regions will be able to refer to examples of industrial development utilizing characteristic features in rural areas in Japan and also to be able to apply it to suitable industrial development plans according to the situation of each country.


Social Vitalization— JICA Industrial Development and Promotion Utilizing Local Resources

★Date: July 9–August 3, 2018
★Participants: 8 public institution officers including government agencies related to industrial development and Chambers of Commerce and Industry
★Entruster: JICA Hokuriku Center
★Countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Kosovo, Dominican Republic, Bhutan, Macedonia and East Timor
★Course Leader: Mr. Manabu Funabashi, JICA Specialist

Tokyo, Chiba

  • JICA Headquarters
  • Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation
  • Takushoku University
  • Sammu City ● Otaka Shoyu


  • Hokuriku Economic Research Institution
  • Ishikawa Prefecture Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor
  • Ishikawa Sunrise Industries Creation Organization
  • Design Center Ishikawa ● Yamato Soysauce & Miso Co., Ltd.
  • Jiyukajin ● soil
  • Ishikawa Prefectural University ● WAKUWAKU TEZUKURI FARM KAWAKITA


  • JA Agri Himi


  • Fukui Prefecture Department of Industry and Labor
  • Fukui Prefectural University ● Kawai Roller Co., Ltd.
  • Echizen Municipality Office ● Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Fukui Yougasa ● Takefu Knife Village
  • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Osaka, Kobe

● Toyonaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
● Sabaya

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