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JICA Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies(A)

In this course, measures taken for the development of small-medium enterprises by the government ministries, regional authorities, organizations, enterprises, etc. were introduced. By sharing examples from participating nations, the goal was to draft solutions for selected problems each participant’s nation faced.

[Course Leader, Mr. Hirai, Associate Professor, Mukogawa Women’s University and participants]

Due to the effects of the spread of COVID-19, until last year, the course’s complete schedule was conducted online and on-demand; in other words, a remote training course. However, on this occasion the course was held in a hybrid manner; the first-half was conducted as a remote training course and in the second-half participants had their training in Japan.
For the remote training course held prior to coming to Japan, in prior study of on-demand study materials and on-line sessions, the participants received an input of information in order to have an outline of Japanese small-medium size enterprise promotion. It is believed that this helped the participants to understand the program conducted after arriving in Japan.
After a lapse of a few years in training courses being held in Japan, participants were able to visit supporting agencies and enterprises to actually see and hear things and exchange opinions. Participants asked various questions on many occasions during their lectures and at locations they visited.
If the course had been held online, this animated exchange would probably not have occurred. We realized that the amount and quality of information gained from actual exchange is very different. The participants’ motivation was high, and they presented issues related to their country, and after reviewing the lectures, they presented action plans for each of their countries in the midst of active discussions. Participants also presented advice, etc. to other participants. We could clearly see the benefits of face-to-face format training through visits to Japan.

[MOBIO (Monodzukuki Business Information Center Osaka) – Observation of regular exhibition area]

JICA Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies(A)

  • Schedule: June 28 ~ July 25, 2023
        (Remote: June 28 ~ July 11, Japan visit: July 12 ~ July 25)
  • Participants: 6 members from government authorities in various countries whose work is related to the promotion and development of small-medium enterprises
  • Participating countries: Dominica, Laos, Maldives, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Turkey
  • Course leader: Mr. Takumi Hirai, Associate Professor, Mukogawa Women’s University
  • Commissioning organization: JICA Kansai
  • Lecturers / visited sites (honorifics omitted / no particular order)


  • HIRAI Takumi, Associate Professor, Mukogawa Women’s University
  • The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
  • Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation
  • Japan Finance Corporation

[In Japan]

  • HIRAI Takumi, Associate Professor, Mukogawa Women’s University
  • Rekishi Kaido Promotional Council
  • Hyogo Prefecture Department of Labor and Industry
  • Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology
  • Credit Guarantee Corporation of Hyogo-ken
  • Osaka Business Development Agency MOBIO – Business Dept.
  • Kinki Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Kobe Industrial Promotion Foundation
  • H.A.G.S.
  • Heartoss Food Creates
  • FUKUDA Naoyoshi (Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Association, Advisor)
  • NAGAI Shunji, (Daiei Consulting, Representative Director)


(Persons in charge: YAMAUCHI, ARAKI, FUNAMI Published 17 August 2023)

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