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FY 2022 JICA Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy/Marketing Strategy (A) (June–Jul. 2022)

In this training course, the participants studied and examined over three weeks how to promote exports such as understanding the market needs of developed countries, perspectives to produce sellable products, know-how to sell and discovering unique, high-quality commodities in their own country. Each participant then drafted and presented their action plan in the final week.

Last time, other than the lectures conducted by Professor Goto, a lecture “understanding and sharing the questions and comments arisen at the on-demand learning through an interactive question-and-answer session with lecturers” was held . Instead, this time, a “Q & A live session” was held at every lecture, and group discussions where participants divided into groups of three or four were also carried out to share and understand a diversity of opinions through discussion with other participants.

At the “visit-Japan training courses” where the participants visit from overseas, they can concentrate on the course, being disconnected from their usual work. Unlike such courses, this training course with around 10 on-demand learning sessions and its Q & A live sessions must have been very intensive for the participants who also needed to work as usual. However, this time the attendance rate for the live sessions was high, and they coped with the submission of the assignment very well. Their enthusiastic and serious attitude toward the course were impressive. (Due to the time difference, participants in Brazil had to attend at 5 a.m. which is 5 p.m. in Japan.)

We sincerely hope that the learning outcomes from the training course with every single participant’s tremendous effort will yield a good result in a specific form in their own countries.

Our another important goal for the JICA’s training courses is that “the participants start liking Japan”. To achieve this, we will endeavor to prepare even more enriched visit-Japan training course programs, hoping for the day when participants can visit Japan without worrying about Covid-19 crisis.

FY 2022 JICA Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy/Marketing Strategy (A)

★ Date: June 13–July 8, 2022
★ Participants: 9 participants from 4 countries including officers from the government, public sector and local government, who are involved in export promotion projects, and managerial workers from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the private sector such as industry groups
★ Participant countries: Jordan, Tunisia, Malawi and Brazil
★ Course leader: Professor GOTO Kenta, Faculty of Economics, Kansai University
★ Entruster: JICA Kansai
★ Lecturers/visiting sites (titles omitted/random order)
〇 Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID)
〇 Kobe City Economic and Tourism Bureau
〇 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
〇 Y Inc.

8:働きがいも経済成長も 9:産業と技術革新の基盤をつくろう

(Ogawa, Hazama, Posted on July 26)

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