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Seminar Report: PREX’s first Global Network Seminar! 21 smiling Kazakhstan participants.- PREX Island

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[PREX Global Network Seminar Support Program] starts! Seminar supported by this program has conducted in JFY2021!

In April 2020, 30 years from its foundation, PREX began the [PREX Global Network Seminar Support Program] for participants in PREX seminars.
*PREX Global Network, hereafter PGN,
is a network that spans various countries composed of all participants in PREX seminars held in Japan. This program’s aim is to promote the sharing of experiences among colleagues and others as well as deepening understanding.

PGN members who want to hold a seminar in their country on a theme related to lectures received at seminars in Japan can apply. After document screening, successful PREX members will receive support from PREX.
PREX will provide support for arranging a lecturer and support for the seminar through cooperation with the successful PGN member.
Originally, the lecturer was expected to accompany the member abroad, but due to the Coronavirus situation, for the time being, lectures with be conducted online.
From the 5 applications for the first [PREX Global Network Seminar Support Program] held in fiscal year 2021, the 2016 seminar member, Ms. Erica Alimbelova’s (staff member of the Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Development) proposal was selected. With the cooperation of Professor Kentaro Minagawa, Osaka Institute of Technology, a lecture titled [The Seminar Implementation Support Program for PREX Global Network-improve with Kaizen] was given online.

Prof. Minagawa using Lego blocks in his ‘Kaizen’ lecture.

Prof. Minagawa using Lego blocks in his ‘Kaizen’ lecture.

It was highly appraised by participants. Below are some of their comments.

  • Although the lecture was given online and communication between the lecturer and participants was difficult, the lecturer was wonderful and consideration was given to language and cultural barriers.
  • The lecturer displayed a high level of theoretical and practical expertise. I learned from the professor that IT technology and ‘improvement’ (kaizen) complement each other both in life and work.
  • I wish to thank the lecturer and all those involved in presenting the seminar. I hope to participate in future PREX seminars.
  • Everything was wonderful. Explanations were very easy to understand.

Below are some comments from Erica, the program member who applied to hold the seminar.

  • The seminar covered everything from basics to high-level material and everyone was satisfied with it.
  • People who knew about ‘kaizen’ were able to update their knowledge of it.
  • For people who did not know about ‘kaizen’, this was their first opportunity to expand their knowledge of Japanese way of thinking.
  • For proper understanding of ‘kaizen’, seminars with lecturers from Japan are very important.

Applications for the 2022 fiscal year program are expected to begin around July. We wonder what content applicants will apply for this time and are looking forward to them.

  • Date : August 1, 2022
  • Name : Yamauchi,Takayama