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【Voice of Professional】 Not Giving in to COVID-19: We are all same human being

Here, we would like to introduce the interview with Mr. Yujiro Aoyama, President of Sunpac Co., Ltd.

PREX past-participants of JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program

And they exchange with Mr. Aoyama about company management etc. Here is the article about the his philosophy as person and as president.

Our mission to provide happy-product to costumer

Hello! I am Yujiro Aoyama, President of Sunpac Co., Ltd.
Our company’s strong point is product development.
We, as product development professionals, take into consideration the complete process of market research, planning, production and sales to send the best products out to our customers.
It is in a situation like now with the Coronavirus we would like to continue to provide products that are useful in people’s everyday life and make them feel they are enjoying happy and special time in this bit monotone period.

 One of Sunpac product, “Foot Groomer Gran”

Striking idea from participant’s comment

When I gave a presentation about our company’s product development to PREX program participants, I was delighted when opinions which overturned Japanese ideas were frankly given.

For example, our company developed and sells a special brush for the sole of the foot.
One participant from Uzbekistan suggested, ‘How about asking hotels to allow you to leave your product there so that its guests could casually try it, and if they liked it, they could buy it.’ With this suggestion we started to plan approach hotel market.

Also, during casual conversation, we are talking the topic like ‘How much Japanese people conscious about their appearance from behind?’
Some participants answered, ‘I do not think they pay much attention or consciousness how they look from behind.’ And most of the participants seems they are having same opinions.

It just so happened, that our company was developing a posture support tool, “Hanao Walking Former’, a tool inserted between the big toe and second toe to improve his/her posture. So this comments from participants gave me great confidence in knowing that this product is needed for Japanese.
* “Hanao” means thong in Japanese. Naming “Hanao” (thong) Walking Former” means insert this tool between big toe and second toe like thong and improve posture.

We are different? My basic idea about human being and communication

I have visited many countries privately. At first, I thought, “difference” of various things and aspects are interesting. However, after visiting many countries, I began to think, ‘Why do people from different environments experience similar suffering and similar joys?
Environment, culture is different in respective countries. But as for human beings, our core is same. The base of the human being is same for everyone’.
One and only difference between participants and me is just place and time we are born.
I really do hope we can establish the relation based on respect of each other.  And always what I keep in mind is to continue to communicate with everybody with the respect of “difference”. 

Here is some  video message from Mr. Mr. Yujiro Aoyama, President of Sunpac Co., Ltd.
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Video Message from Mr. Aoyama






  • Date : March 4, 2021
  • Name : Mr. Yujiro Aoyama
  • job name : President