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”Pay-it Forward"Project, supporting medical professionals, July 2, 2020- PREX Island

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Column by the PREX staff ”Pay-it Forward”Project, supporting medical professionals

The other day, I took part in the project “Pay-it-Forward” provided by Dari K Co., Ltd., which is producing chocolate products using 100% cacao beans of fair trade.(The head office of Dari K Co., Ltd. is located in Kyoto city.)
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“Pay-it-Forward” project keeps making win-win relationship between Cacao producer in Indonesia-consumers-Dari K Co., Ltd., by supporting the medical professionals in Japan.

Ordinary when I purchase the chocolate, I can just get and eat it. But in case of this project, I purchase the chocolate by myself, same price amount of chocolate will be gifted to the medical professionals.

I just purchase it; I can stand by the medical professionals a little bit thanks to this project. And also,Dari K Co., Ltd. can keep purchasing fair trade cacao from Cacao producers in Indonesia by gaining stable sales income through this activity.  And cacao producers can keep running their agribusiness by receiving stable order from Dari K Co., Ltd. And we, consumers can show our gratitude to the persons who are contributing the fight against COVID-19. That is the win-win relationship this “Pay-it-Forward” project is aiming.

I sent chocolates to my friends using this service. I was very anxious about them because they had to keep working in this hard situation in COVID-19 at that time. So, I wished they could enjoy a calm time with special chocolates.
A friend of mine also sympathizes with this project policy and took part in this project.

This project is to maintain win-win relationship among the chocolate producer, customer, Dari K Co., Ltd. and all the stakeholders.
I do take part in this kind of project.

show the DariK chocolate

Beautiful Chocolate of Dari K Co., Ltd.

July 2, 2020

  • Date : July 2, 2020
  • Name : Hazama
  • job name : Hamaza, International Dept.