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【PREX, JAPAN Video Letter】Mr. Yamanaka Gogyofuku Co., Ltd. "New style of Valentine present?" - PREX Island

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【PREX, JAPAN Video Letter】 Mr.Yamanaka, President of Gogyofuku Co., Ltd.

What is Gogyofuku Co., Ltd

GOGYOFUKU CO., LTD.:Located in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Founded in 1955. 70 employees. Production and wholesale of delicacies (approximately 400 types of delicacies such as various types of traditional nibbles for alcohol drinks from all over the country, a new type of appetizer, kugini (simmered sand lance in sauce), cheese, ham, and dried mullet roe. These products are developed with more than 200 associated factories in Japan and are sold in 4,000 shops throughout Japan.)
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As a successor of the company

President Yamanaka Kan is the second-generation president.
He used to work for a trading company and returned to the family business in 1995 after the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Contrary to his father’s dictatorial management, he changed the corporate culture from that of the past to the current way where all the employees can suggest any ideas for management and product development under the slogan of “Team Gogyofuku”.

Unique management welcoming new ideas

They promote a suggestion scheme where all the employees exchange a little of their opinions every day and team management where new product development teams are formed without boundaries of sections and departments.
Their unique management aiming to create a fun company not only for their customers but also the employees and their families is so highly rated that they have been awarded the Hyogo Innovative Management Award, the Grand Prize of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise IT Management Award, the Kansai Region Productivity Award (award of excellence) and the like.

Mar 30, 2020

  • Date : March 30, 2020
  • Name : Mr. Yamanaka
  • job name : President