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Diversity in Japanese Society Mar 16, 2020- PREX Island

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Column by the PREX staff ”Diversity in Japanese society”

I participated short tour to understand multi-culture in Japan.  In that tour, I visited several places where cultural origin of the place is from foreign countries, like Kuan Ti Miao Temple(China oriented)  and Brazilian community in Kobe. I also visited special shop where they sell special food which is common and popular in another country.  I felt we could  experience another country’s culture from food by visiting this shop. 

The number of international people living in Japan is boosting. The “Japan” they see might be bit different from the one Japanese see. I felt this way since I found new aspects of Japan in this tour. 
I hope we accept the each country’s culture and enjoy  “Japan”  which contains various  cultural aspect from various countries.

Mar 16, 2020

  • Date : March 16, 2020
  • Name : Kobayashi
  • job name : Kobayashi