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【PREX, JAPAN Video Letter】 Mr Nishitsuji, Sen Sou Co., Ltd.- PREX Island

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【PREX, JAPAN Video Letter】 Mr Nishitsuji, Sen Sou Co., Ltd.

Stories connecting with tomorrow.

Sen Sou itself was established 1887 as a fruit store by my parents. When I inherit the store, it has already 115 years history as for Sen Sou.
But the industry was on the road to decline after a high economic growth period, and even the fact of being a long-established store did not help our company carry on business.

I burned my bridges and decided to launch into processed food manufacturing and to make jam with the production area and variety of fruit in the product names.
It was the second foundation of the company, it was the year I am only 27 years old.

Easy to say, difficult to do

I always want customers to eat the fruit itself and to know how tasty fruit is, so additives are not used for our products to bring out the taste of the fruit. We make products not as a jam manufacturer but as a fruit shop. What I make sure of when establishing good relations with such farmers is a stable supply and not to haggle. Having a stable buyer makes farmers feel secure when they produce fruit.
It also leads to making consumers feel secure, so we were asked by some companies and museums to start manufacturing new jams.

Dream in future

Now, we manufacture more than 100 types of jam including OEM.
The variety of know-how and knowledge regarding jam making increases by receiving requests. This is our valuable asset.
Jam is a simple product so that what is contained in raw materials can directly be reflected in the jam. I also think that the keyword to conquer people’s lack of interest in fruit is “children”, so I would like to work on events to make children want to eat fruit.

It is also important to make customers know how fruit grows before it is ready to consume.
Many people do not know what the flowers look like.
I would like customers to know that blueberries bear pretty and beautiful flowers and their leaves turn to red in autumn. It would be nice to hold workshops about processing fruit.
Let’s try. Let’s try connecting.

Oct 16, 2019


  • Date : October 16, 2019
  • Name : Mr. Nishitsuji
  • job name : the president