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SDGs news: Have you ever heard of SDGs?

The 1st “Uehonmachi SDGs University: SDGs×Working” on March 7.
Ms. Dowaki Tomoko (General Manager of the CSR Division, CSR Management Department, Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd.) and Mr. Kanzaki Hidenori (Representative Director of PR Link Co., Ltd.) joined as guest speakers to introduce their experiences and approach to SDGs.

Expand the circle of SDGs from Uehonmachi.

Have you ever heard the word SDGs? SDGs stands for Sustainable Development Goals and is international goals/targets to meet between 2016 and 2030.
It contains 17 goals and 169 targets to realize a sustainable world.
PREX engages in training programs to foster human resources in developing countries, and it will lead to achieve SDGs.
In the meantime, many companies, municipalities and organizations cooperating in PREX’s training courses are also involved in achieving SDGs through such cooperation in the training courses.
We believe that PREX should actively work for the many people cooperating with us to understand SDGs even more in order for them to try to achieve SDGs in their business.

As a first step, we worked with Creo Osaka Chuo (Osaka Municipal Gender Equality Center Chuokan) located in Uehonmachi area in Tennoji Ward, the same area where PREX is located, and started “Uehonmachi SDGs University” in March this year! Creo Osaka Chuo has mainly worked for the fifth goal of the SDGs, “gender equality”, for a long time, and has networks which differ from those of PREX.
It has started to create a place to provide information and for people to learn even wider themes with the cooperation of these two organizations.
At the sessions, people, who want to know about SDGs or to think about what they could do at their organizations by deepening their understanding through exchanging opinions and interaction with other people, can participate and deepen their understanding by listening to the experiences and stories of guest speakers whom we invite.

Moreover, we hope that they will think about the 17th goal of SDGs, “partnerships for the goals”, by utilizing the opportunities to meet new people.
SDGs has a great and wonderful philosophy, “No one will be left behind”.
PREX also actively works to increase the number of people who work to attain their goals by considering what we can do to achieve the SDGs so that nobody will be left behind in their workplace and in their daily life not only in developing countries but also in developed countries including Japan.

Sep 27, 2019


  • Date : September 27, 2019
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