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The rose garden in Ayabe City, KYOTO- PREX Island

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Column by the PREX staff

I went to the rose garden in Ayabe City.
Ayabe City is located in Kyoto Prefecture.
It takes about one hour by train from Kyoto station.
There are quite different between Kyoto and Ayabe, especially the landscape.
There are lot of nature, animals and so on.
So you can get different experiences in Ayabe, for example you can make traditional paper.
People in Ayabe take care of the roses of this garden as a volunteer.
Thanks to them, there are a lot of colorful and beautiful roses in the garden.
If you have any chance, please visit !
Hazama, PREX
Jun 25, 2019

  • Date : June 25, 2019
  • Name : Hazama