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Yamaoka Industrial Corp. Taking the Philosophy of Japan’s Managers to the World

Yamaoka Industrial Corp. Company president : Toshio YAMAOKA Yamaoka Industrial Corp.
Company president : Toshio YAMAOKA
Development and manufacturing of cooking equipment for business use
Headquarters: Moriguchi, Osaka Prefecture

I tell seminar participants from around the world that, “Business managers should have a philosophy, and the goals of corporate activities are profits, culture, the pursuit of ideas and the fostering of professionalism. Early on, I was worried whether I should teach the thinking of Osaka business managers. Then on one occasion, midway through my talk, clapping took place. It was from an African public-sector official. I keenly felt and was inspired by the action of conveying my thoughts about my own views and management. The opportunity for managers of small and medium enterprises to convey to the world their own management philosophy would not come about this way. I want PREX to transmit the thoughts of Japan’s managers to the world. Doing so would make a business manager proud.

Yamaoka Industrial Corp.

Since 2001, Yamaoka Industrial Corp. has received visits for the Marketing Seminar for Understanding the Central Asian Market Economy, the Small & Medium Enterprise Policy Seminar for French-speaking Africa, the Japan Center Business Course Seminar for Laos and Vietnam, the Executive Management Seminar for Malaysia, among others. President Yamaoka has been providing us with lectures on the management philosophy behind management thinking and human-resource development.

  • Date : July 3, 2011
  • Name : Mr.oshio YAMAOKA
  • job name : Company president