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Starting from zero with “all participants”

We were originally a precision parts manufacturing and assembly company in Amagasaki City. However, we received an adjudication of bankruptcy in July 2004, and three months later, we took off again from zero, determined to be a success, starting out as “Zero Seiko.” I myself have no experience with manufacturing, as I used to be a specialist in design. At the time of the bankruptcy, I was approached, and at first I thought, “Maybe this is enough, already.” However, I heard about the troubles and worries from all the other employees and learned about their desire to continue the business, so I took over the post of president. Two years after the bankruptcy, we sorted out clients and concentrated our services. We have been doing new product development and have been licensed to manufacture aircraft parts, for which employees worked hard without receiving any extra allowances.

Since January 2012, the spun-off company Zero Labo has been engaged in the manufacture of pen stands and space abacuses, which capitalize on micron-unit technologies that were fostered through aircraft and hydraulic equipment manufacturing.
I have been telling public-sector officials from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Malaysia about the experiences of my company. I explain our management philosophy, quality control, through participation by all the employees, the techniques of a meister’s expert skills, the ability to make suggestions, and a structure that confers best improvement awards for improvement suggestions that come from our employees. Our management philosophy states: “Zero Seiko accurately makes highly precise products. We reduce defects to zero, we raise the trust in the products and service, and reduce work-related errors and losses to zero. We aim to be a company with no bad products, delivery delays or other shortcomings.” Every time, I am impressed by the seminar participants’ enthusiastic attitudes when they hear me speak.

I think that among the seminar participants, there is a variety of situations between the different countries and various established standpoints. But above all, I tell them not to have any lingering regrets and that eventually they will certainly be rewarded. I believe that by cooperating with the seminars, people will know about the parts makers, which will be commonly accepted in Amagasaki and throughout the world.

*Mr. Okamoto (center of the photo) receives a memento from seminar participants from Malaysia.
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  • Date : January 7, 2013
  • Name : Mr.Hitoshi Okamoto
  • job name : Chairman