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Farewell Terutaka Onoe

Terutaka Onoe

Twelve years have passed since I joined PREX in April 2002. During these years, I worked about 7.5 years in International Department and bout 4.5 years in General Affairs Department. 
I met a lot of seminar participants in Japan and in overseas, but total number of participants 1 met are too many to count. During the seminar, I was always impressed by the attitude of the participants of the seminar to absorb the knowledge of the theme of the seminar. I hope all of the participants will make use of the experience and knowledge during the seminar. Also I hope participants will visit Kansai and PREX if the opportunity arise again in the future. I leave PREX at the end of March in 2014. I express my appreciation to all of the seminar participants and related Japanese organizations, companies, lecturers of the seminar. 
I am convinced of the PREX’s continuous activities to assist human resources development for the world, Thank you again for all the person to whom it may concern.

  • Date : March 7, 2014
  • Name : Terutaka Onoe International Department