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5S activities are the means to nurture people. I want to pursue the truth of the way of working- PREX Island

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5S activities are the means to nurture people. I want to pursue the truth of the way of working

I am Toshio Oku, the president of BELL Co., Ltd.
We are a building maintenance company which values love and delight. Our company has been introducing our management philosophy and 5S to overseas participants. I was skeptical at first if 5S would be useful for the participant, as it has been successful in the specific cultural background, characteristic to Japan; however, I am glad to know that ex-participants around the world have been implementing the activities referring to Japanese companies’ approaches.
We tend to think that it is good to reduce working hours, being influenced by the policy, Work Style Reform. The number of people, who work as short as possible and prioritize their private time, has been increasing.
However, working is actually not like that. People feel happiness by working. It is an innate happiness for humans to fulfil social responsibility and to be useful for other people by working with aspiration. In our company, we have been struggling to deal with Work Style Reform such as increasing days leave; however, I think that creating a place for workers to feel happiness is what it is required in this day and age.
While the enthusiasm to “work hard to raise family” is fading from all over Japan, when I interact with people from the developing world, I feel the strength from their diligence, the power to dream for their future and the feeling towards their family, which young Japanese people lack. I am wondering if we need foreign workers in this company for Japanese employees to have the opportunity to be close to foreign workers’ ambitions for the families and the desire to have a house in Japan.
I truly hope that you live and work in a way which makes you feel happy to make your family and country even better after going back to your countries. We, Japanese, will also work hard!

Kirameku 5S School at BELL Co., Ltd! 

We established a general incorporated foundation, Kirameku (sparkling) 5S School, as I sympathized with the idea of Ashikaga-style 5S School, which focuses on people, when I was at Kansai 5S Meeting. It is a sister school of Ashikaga 5S School. Participants can correctly understand 5S and kaizen, and obtain practical skills to promote activities in their own companies. We also create opportunities to gain some hints and stimulate each other with promoters from other companies. This year, we have entered the fourth semester, and in total 71 people from 13 companies have participated in the 5S / Kaizen Coach Training Course. The underlying idea of the school is that we want to pursue the truth of the ideal way of working through 5S activities which are the means to nurture people, and we also want to nurture workers’ ability to think through 5S activities focused on people not goods. The process not only to perform the job which is given but also to take action and speak out spontaneously and to reflect on what you did is vital in order to improve yourself. As a part of our activities, we accommodate visits from overseas visitors and provide some support. We wish to expand the places and opportunities all over the world to pursue the truth of the meaning of working and happiness.
(Feb 21, 2019)

  • Date : February 21, 2019
  • Name : Mr.Toshio Oku
  • job name : president