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3S-activity improves people Tanaka tec CO., Ltd.

Mongolian Consultant, Mr. SHAGJ Altankhuyag

Mongolian Consultant, Mr. SHAGJ Altankhuyag

Anyone can start 3S-activity (Seiri–Sort, Seiton–Set, Seisou–Shine).But continuing it is not easy.

I am Altankhuyag. I am an instructor of Mongolia-Japan Center and a consultant, and instruct the “3S” to the companies in Mongolia. I visited Tanaka tec CO., Ltd. as a part of the PREX’s seminar in 2016. Since Tanaka tec has been conducting 3S-activity for 30 years, I wanted to know how they have managed to continue 3S-activity for such a long time. I asked the president to allow me to study there for a month because the seminar provided only a one day stay. Lots of companies in Mongolia are interested in 3S-activity. I have been instructing those companies on what I learnt at Tanaka tec since I participated in the seminar. I am sometimes aware that employees are thinking on their own initiative and gaining confidence through the activity.

There are no companies that have continued 3S-activity for a long time in Mongolia. I would love the president of Tanaka tec to come to Mongolia to lecture Mongolian companies on the secret of how to continue 3S for a long time.

I believe that 3S-activity nurtures human resources–the asset of the company–and creates the foundation of our company.

I am Naoki Tanaka from Tanaka tec. As I am the son of the president, I am often asked to lecture on what 3S-activity is. To be honest, I don’t know well. 3S-activity nurtures people. Therefore, I am sure that 3S-activity has to be carried out continuously for the improvement of the company because the improvement of the people leads to the improvement of the company.

We started 3S-activity 30 years ago. At that time, we were interviewed by newspapers and magazines as our profit had increased by ten times. Similar to running a business for 30 years, 3S-activity has ups and downs. It is also usually repetitive. In spite of the ups and downs, and repetitiveness, we have been continuing 3S-activity.

The secret to continuing the activity is not to aim for perfection. Conducting one tenth or one fifth of the activity is still fine. Not everyone needs to participate. If one tenth of the team members implement the activity thoroughly, others will follow them eventually. Being a manufacturer also helps maintain the activity. Contrary to interpersonal service, manufacturing enables us to see completed products visually. Employees complete each work with their own hands. In order to achieve deadlines, they seek ways to reduce the waste of time and materials, and to make better products faster and more efficiently. All employees understand how important 3S-activity is. As a result, I think that the activity has been carried out for a long time.

“People” make use of their knowledge, technology, money and resources. Companies cannot improve without people being improved. 3S-activity is an activity to nurture “people” in our company and does not aim to achieve 3S (Seiri–Sort, Seiton–Set, Seisou–Shine) itself.

Tanaka tec’s mascot

The cat named Tama-chan first visited Tanaka tec two years ago. Since then, Tama-chan has been helping President Tanaka and other employees feel at ease. What a great factory it is as a cat can relax, too!

“I love President Tanaka, meow.”

“I love President Tanaka, meow.”

  • Date : July 30, 2017
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