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Asahi Electrochemical Co. (April, 2014)

Asahi Electrochemical Co. Morio Hara, Senior Managing Director Asahi Electrochemical Co. Asahi Electrochemical Co.
Morio Hara, Senior Managing Director Asahi Electrochemical Co.

Asahi Electrochemical Co., located in Osaka’s Higashinari-ku, aims to be a company that makes high value-added products, based around plastic molding and through product design and planning, etc., under the catch phrase of, “Everybody, let’s be happy!” 
The participants visit the company during one of the seminars, whose theme is new product development. Mr. Hara, who kindly gives lectures during the visits, explains the events and experiences that lead to his products’ development, such as: “We had heard from the elderly women in the neighborhood that they were having trouble attaching heating pads to their backs, so our idea was to make life easier for elderly people living alone by allowing them put medicine or the pads on by themselves.” Their explanations on the product, called “Shippuhari Hitoride Pettanko,” based on this example are made easy to understand. For the participants, we have them recognize that hints leading to the development of products are hidden close to them. In addition, “amoeba management,” is introduced at the company as a management style. This way of thinking, aimed at having all company employees engaged in management, is taught to participants involved in corporate management.

  • Date : May 7, 2014
  • Name : Mr.Morio Hara
  • job name : Senior Managing Director