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Kazakhstan , Kazakhstan – Japan(Jan.2013)

Olga Sklyarova san Kazakhstan
Director of “Fides” Law Agency
Olga Sklyarova

Law agency “Fides” was founded in 1994. Throughout the years we have altered the status of our company several times, but never changed the name. In Latin “fides” means honesty, faithfulness, allegiance to principles and, basically, imposes a high responsibility. Such qualities form the philosophy of our company.

In middle 90’s there were 6-8 people in the staff. It was time when private business had just originated on the territory of former USSR, so plenty of entrepreneurs were registering their trademarks and companies. Surely they were doing it it with the help of few law agencies, such as “Fides”. In essence the procedure of registering was not that complicated and gradually almost all lawyers learned it. Soon we got tired of harsh competition in this sphere and I realised that we should move in different direction and make our company more versatile. However, it required considerably higher level of proficiency, thoroughness, individual approach.Therefore, I became more rigorous to myself and the personell. In the begining of 2000’s I left only 2-3 assistants who had more qualification, experience and aptitudes and it resulted in higher efficiency.

In spite of success and rapid development of the company, there inevitably were troubles and complex situations. Sometimes it seemed that outcome of all efforts was insignificant, worthless. But life is so unpredicatable and interesting and during the harshest years it gives pleasant surprises. Let me run ahead and cite my Japanese tutor who said: “When situation is hard and you cannot tolerate it, the only way is to be patient”.

In the end of 2007 I by chance found myself at business courses in Kazakh-Japanese Center. I absolutely loved it thus thereafter attended several others, then I filled a questionnaire and to my great delight visited Japan in autumn 2009. It was amazing time, first of all, I was pleased by politeness and readiness to help of not only Japanese companies’ workers, but the whole population of Japan. I got an impression that Japanese people live in constant search of perfection, always thrive to achieve more, so now I try to obtain this wonderful trait. I realise that there is so much things ahead of me.

Before the return to Kazakhstan we made up plans and I pledged to learn Japanese. Well, I’m defintely going to fulfill my goal and currently I’m at the 2nd level. In Japan a lot of businessmen ask me about my country, but few of them speak English (I must say my English is far not perfect though). Therefore, I think that knowledge of Japanese will help me to make my own contribution into cooperation of Japan and Kazakhstan.

  • Date : January 30, 2013
  • Name : Olga Sklyarova san
  • job name : Director