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I am TIV CHANDETH from Image Printing in Cambodia

ティウ・チャンデス 氏(カンボジア)

I participated in JICA Japanese Style Management in 2013. In the training course in Japan, I learned effective 5S, kaizen and product managing system. Our productivity has improved drastically by implementing what I learned and experienced in the training course in our company. I am really grateful to everyone who looked after us in Japan!

photos①  We tidied waste which had been left messily. We keep the space tidy by cleaning regularly. photos②  We placed plate stands to tidy plates for printing which used to be left directly on the floor. The plates are sorted according to the size of the machines for which the plates are used. It used to be difficult to work out which plate is for which product. Also the plates were easily scratched, and it affected the quality of our products. Now, technicians can find the necessary plate easily, and it leads to reducing their stress, too.

Professor Minagawa’s Comment

It is good as you have implemented what you have actually seen in Japanese companies. It might be better to change the poster on the wall into Khmer for the employees.

Feb 21, 2019

  • Date : February 21, 2019
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  • Seminar : JICA Japanese Style Management in 2013