Voices of Participants

To Be a Bridge Between Developing Countries and Japan

PREX implements 30 to 40 seminars each year on the themes of corporate management, the environment, small and medium enterprise promotion, tourism promotion, trade promotion, regional development, market economy promotion, etc. The participants are government administrators and corporate mid-managers from throughout the world, including Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America. On average, 250 people come to Japan during a one-year period. The seminars are short, lasting about three to four weeks. Yet along with gaining results from their seminars that are done for the sake of their own countries' development, the participants also return home with an appreciation for Japan and a desire to continue exchanges with Kansai, through such experiences as encountering Japanese culture and people.

Let us now introduce the voices of the participants who have taken part in the seminars to find out what they have gained from their experiences in Japan and Kansai.