<{$story.topic}> New Year Greetings from PREX. (January 2018)
on January 1, 2018

Photo: with participants from Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia at completion ceremony of “ASEAN Management Seminar”, Kansai Economic Federation In the center, Kiyoshi Otsubo, PREX Chairman (Chairman, President & CEO, Rengo Co., Ltd. and Vice Chairman, Kansai Economic Federation)

Further Today Than Yesterday, Tomorrow Than Today. (Kiyoshi Otsubo, PREX Chairman)

A Happy New Year to everyone. PREX has been conducting activities based on the idea to aim for development of the Kansai Region by fostering human resources in developing countries in Asia-Pacific region and invigorating human interaction internationally. This year, it will have been the 29th year since its founding. The number of participants has exceeded 17,000, and 148 countries/regions have joined in our programs. I deeply appreciate your support and cooperation.

I strongly hope that all participants will maximize their experience and knowledge, which they gained in the programs, in their activities at their companies and organizations in the future. I also presume that business interaction between Japan and participants’ countries and between participants’ countries will be invigorated even further. I hope that participants’ companies and organizations will develop even further today than yesterday, and tomorrow than today by utilizing the network and achievement obtained through our programs.

Needless to say, human resources are the foundation for development, and it is essential to nurture and educate them in every country. In order for Japan to achieve true globalization, development of human resources and personnel exchange is vital. The Kansai region has been the subject of considerable interest by developing countries as various companies from a variety of industries are based there, and many excellent small and medium-sized enterprises actively operate their businesses there.

The Kansai region has many educational and research institutes including universities, and provides an extremely convenient environment for training and interaction. We, PREX, would like to promote international personnel exchange and to develop mutual understanding, utilizing the characteristics of the Kansai region. We would appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

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