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on October 18, 2017

【PREX, JAPAN】Video Letter from Mr. Imamura.

Hello, Ex-participants in PREX programs.Its very nice season in Japan.In the Autumn, we can enjoy a wonderful view of the mountains colored with red and yellow leaves.

Here, we will introduce video letter from Mr. Imamura.


Video Letter from Mr. Imamura.


Mr. Imamura Atsuyoshi
The chief consultant, Creation Co., Ltd.

Course Leader, Lecturer of many programs such as:

-Practical Business Training for Kyrgyz, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

-Mongolia-Japan Center Japanese-style Management, Training for BC Lecturers: Mongolia

-LEP2.0 Management Training Program for Junior Officer : Malaysia


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PREX conducted the Follow-up Project for lecturers at the Japan Center in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyz from August 14th to 26th. Mr. Imamura, the chief consultant of Creation Co., Ltd., provided special seminars "KAIZEN and Human Resource Development", "Instructional skills" and "Consulting".

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