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We wished each other all the best.

I am Sakai from International Department, PREX. I visited Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia in May. During a one-week stay, I saw 35 counterparts and ex-participants. All the ex-participants told me that their business was going well so that I could see economic growth in each country at first hand.

Most people in the ASEAN member countries use Social Networking Service (SNS) and upload various news about themselves and their companies nearly every day. While I do not receive replies by email often, I sometimes get replies through SNS instantly. I have finally bought a smartphone this February and have been realizing the power of SNS every single day. Thanks to smartphones and SNS, I have been able to have a good relationship with ex-participants, keeping in close contact with each other.

What I prioritize as the person in charge of training is that I would like participants to like Japan. For every single person, the countries which your friends are from are special. I think that it is essential for Japan to increase the number of fans of Japan. During the participants’ stay in Japan, I would like to do my best for them as much as possible. For example, I was asked by them to take them to some places to buy souvenirs. I recall that they particularly wanted to buy a variety of cosmetics and medicines, and others wanted to buy the same type of table tennis racket which Ai Fukuhara used to use, badminton racket, harmonica, fishing rod, Japanese doll, second hand car and rice cooker. I also had requests that they wanted to go on a one-day trip to hot springs, Mt. Fuji and Japanese inn. All are good memories.

Now, it is no longer the time that Japan teaches them something. Instead, it would be excellent to be able to carry out training in which they deepen their ideas through case studies and Japan as a venue. I also would like to provide useful information not only to participants but also to Japanese people.


With ex-participants who gathered in Cambodia. They are members of the Cambodian Federation of Employers and the Business Association and the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce. They also contact each other, for example by visiting each other’s companies. Mr. Van (front right in the photo) is the head of the Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia. He is the first Cambodian participant of ASEAN Management Seminar, Kansai Economic Federation in 2010 and 2014.

“NINJA-TECH” Surprised Participants

At JICA Capacity Development for Investment Promotion (A), we visited Tokusyu Kousyo Gijutsu Inc. They do not use either scaffolding or heavy machinery but highly-strengthened ropes and/or special equipment to conduct investigations, inspections and repairs safely in high places. The participants were astounded by NINJA-TECH as they looked like real ninjas. The company currently carries out technology transfer in Morocco.

A Welcome Board with Fukuyama Roses—A Visit to Eishin Sangyo in Onomichi City JICA Practical Business Training (C) (Kazakhstan)

At JICA Practical Business Training (C) (Kazakhstan), we visited Eishin Sangyo Co., Ltd., a small and medium-sized enterprise in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

A lovely welcome board greeted us. Flowers decorating the board are called “Fukuyama roses”—origami roses introduced by Fukuyama, the city of one million roses. It is so complicated to make an origami rose that it takes at least 20 minutes. They were made by the president’s wife. We, participants, were touched by their warm hospitality, considering the time that they spent to make the board.

Some photos of the training and visits can be found on PREX’s Facebook page, too. Please take a look at them.

Nursing Clothes Were Given to the Daughter of a Former President of Kyrgyz.

What happened at JICA Kyrgyz Business Owner Advanced Seminar in September 2017!

Participants who visited Mo-house, Co., Ltd. were asked by Ms. Mitsuhata, president of the company, to give nursing clothes as a present to Ms. Aliya Shagieva (in the middle of the photo), a daughter of Almazbek Atambayev (a former president of Kyrgyz), who is raising a baby. The present was given to Ms. Shagieva after their return to Kyrgyz.

Mr. Mederbek Aitbaev (right) and Mr. Ruslan Iliasov (left) explained to Ms. Shagieva President Mitsuhata’s thoughts on solving issues regarding child rearing and Mo-house’s business activities when they handed her the present. Ms. Shagieva was very pleased with the present and was impressed with Mo-house’s business philosophy. She was also interested in Japanese culture, people and beautiful cities, and told them that she would like to visit Japan one day.

In return, Ms. Shagieva has asked them to give a painting, drawn by her as an artist, to President Mitsuhata. We hope that this event helps deepen the relationship not only between Ms. Shagieva and Mo-house but also between Japan and Kyrgyz.

Homestay in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture

Participants from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, etc. took part in homestay in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture as an experience of Omotenashi provided by the local community through “JICA Human Resource Capacity Development on ‘Japanese Hospitality, Omotenashi’ in Tourism (A)” (conducted between September and October). At their host families, they experienced Japanese everyday life, such as using futon and cultivating vegetables. They learned that “hands-on experience” can be one of the attractive resources for tourism.


I could have a positive response.

At the seminar, “JICA Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy / Marketing Strategy (A)”, a mock business meeting was held at Doshisha University on Thursday, June 29. Products from the countries of each participant were introduced to the experts from a variety of fields. The experts provided some advice on effective ways to advertise and to enhance the attraction of those products. The photo shows traditional Uzbek textile, Atlas, which was one of the most popular products in the meeting.

Gift from a participant (July 2017)

Completed assembling the gift from a participant! Can you guess from which country it is?

The answer is Kyrgyzstan!
We received a miniature of “yurt”, portable dwelling from Central Asia. Yurts are Kyrgyz tradition loved by Kyrgyz and used as a part of the design of the national flag.

PREX has been promoting Kaizen activity (July 2017)

All staff have been participating in Kaizen activity since FY2015 in PREX.
First prize of FY2016 was given to “tidying up the area around the trash cans”!

Changing the world and future by connecting people (July 2017)

Our work in PREX helps connect administrative officials, business managers and people having dreams

I have liked supporting people since I was little. I am very glad to be able to connect people who are strive to attain his or her dream, regardless of whether they are in or out of Japan.

In addition, I am proud of supporting them to stimulate each other and to achieve their goal in PREX. Whatever little their achievement may be, participants’ success makes me feel great pleasure.

I majored in international development studies as undergraduate. In 2014, I supported local entrepreneurs in Bangladesh under Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, In developing countries, there are lots of people having difficulties in realize their dream due to financial and geographical reasons in spite of having great dream and hope.

I questioned myself what I could do and began to think that connecting people might help people who want someone’s support. I strongly believe that excellent business managers can create employment and provide employees and customers the chance to live as proper human beings. If the number of excellent business managers increases, the world would change in a good way.”

During our programs, participants visit Japanese small and medium-sized companies. Although the economy in Japan is said to be “in recession”, there are so many blooming companies, business managers and employees. They regard each participant and PREX staff as a “human beings” and deal with us naturally and frankly.

Their attitudes towards valuing their staff and their idea that “the company belongs to all employees”, are Awesome”! As long as there are such people at such small and medium-sized companies, Japan can be regarded as “the country with hope”.

Stimulated and influenced by business managers from Japanese companies, I would like to increase leading administrative officials and business managers in the world.
(Fujita, International Department, PREX)

Head of Kazakhstan-Japan Center visited PREX. (May 2017)

Ms. Zhanar Orazgaliyeva, head of Kazakhstan-Japan Center, and Ms. Abe, JICA Expert, visited PREX! Ms. Zhanar has joined in PREX’s seminars before. It was a nice surprise to know that she had become a promising head of the Kazakhstan-Japan Center. We were very pleased to see them again in Japan. (Ms. Zhanar, the second from left in the photo, Ms. Abe, the third from left)